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When one door closes another one opens.

Our work continues. Please read on.

The Library Media Project closed our Sunnyside Avenue office on the last day of April 2007. For the past 19 years, beginning in 1988 as the MacArthur Foundation Library Video Project, we have had the honor of assisting U.S. librarians with their media collection development
on a wide range of important subjects.

We are continuing to work on securing funding for an urgently needed educational project on Our Environment and the Climate Crisis. Our new office location can be found on our contact page.
If you have any questions, please email us at

Our mission is to foster the public discourse that is central to our democracy
one library at a time.

Thomas Jefferson observed, "Information is the currency of democracy". It is an honor to contribute to these thousands of "information banks" - our country's libraries located in communities, big and small and in between, in all of the 50 states.

It was our good fortune to work with thousands of dedicated librarians who vigilantly keep the doors to free, accessible information available for so many millions in our country. Their life's work is central to the very heart of our democracy: informed public debate.

We have been honored to have worked with so many remarkable, innovative and thoughtful librarians. They are, and always will be, our heroes.

With luck, and funding from an angel or two, we'll be able to continue our work
to foster critically important informed public discourse throughout America.

A Brief History, Our Board
and Mission Statement

Over 3,100 libraries across America have participated in our projects. These libraries serve over 209 million people.

Please take a moment to watch a brief
6-minute mini-history

of the Library Media Project

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Library Video Project created the first public library, low-cost, high-quality video projects. They were the multiyear, multifaceted Video Classics program and The MacArthur Library, a selection of videos from Independent filmmakers.

The MacArthur Library helped establish serious, diverse and informative video collections in public libraries in the United States. The Project continues to build access to information and education through the development of a consortium of independent film and videomakers with the partnership of U.S. public libraries. The Project was a grantee of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

In December 1998, our funding from the MacArthur Foundation ended. However, we are continuing our work in the field of media collection development as The Library Media Project. For more information on our name change and to add your support of our project, please take a look at our announcement page.

See our funders.

The Library Media Project Staff

Mary M. Kirby, Executive Director

Sue Stephenson, Project Coordinator

Mary Keelan, Consultant

(Mary Keelan, Director for Development, Advocacy, and Media, Mid-Hudson Library System, Poughkeepsie,New York (ret.); Independent Consultant to Libraries and Non-profits)

Tedwilliam Theodore, Consultant
Thundervalley Associates

The Library Media Project Board

George Needham
Member Services, OCLC
Columbus, OH

Elizabeth Riley-Bell
Bethlehem, PA

Richard Warner
Public Defender
Seattle, WA

Jeanne Hurley Simon*
NCLIS Chairperson
US Commission on Libraries and Information Science
*Deceased February 20, 2000

The Library Media Project Advisory Board

Charles Benton
Chairman, Benton Foundation
Washington, DC

Roger Ebert
Film Critic

Carla Hayden, Ph.D.
President - ALA 2003-2004
Director, Enoch Pratt Free Library
Baltimore, Maryland

Newton N. Minow
Sidley and Austin
Chicago, IL

Marie Nesthus, Ph.D.
Director, Donnell Media Center
New York Public Library

Lourdes Portillo

Frederick Wiseman

The Library Media Project
4059 N. Greenview Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60613 USA


501(c)(3) non profit corporation
Federal ID # 36-4127762

Our Web Site's Mission

It is the mission of the Library Media Project to foster the public discourse that is central to our democracy. We encourage understanding of vital issues and disparate cultures through the dissemination of information, the exploration of ideas, and the recounting of stories. We strengthen the diversity of points of view and enrich communities through the exploration of ideas.

The Library Media Project is dedicated to a developing access to information and education through many public, academic and school library media collections. Our augmenting educational teaching and discussion guides help to create greater public access to informational material about our unique, pluralistic American society.

One of our goals as the not for profit Library Media Project is to assist in the development of media collections in public, academic and school libraries. In turn, these diverse media collections create greater public access to informational and educational on a wide range of subjects.


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