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Jackson Pollock - Currently Unavailable

Jackson Pollock (1912-1956) is one of the mythic figures of the 1960s. This "cowboy" from Wyoming helped to forge the first great American art movement: Abstract Expressionism. His famous "drip" paintings earned him both notoriety and abuse, and the pressures of new-found celebrity compounded his lifelong struggle with alcoholism, a fight he lost when he died in a car crash at the age of 44. This portrait of the artist incorporates footage from the noted Hans Namuth-Paul Falkenberg 1951 film, showing Pollock creating paintings outdoors at his Long Island home and studio, as well as excerpts from a radio interview with Pollock, who discusses his technique. Interviews with his contemporaries provide insight into the talent and personality of the artist, among them: writers B. H. Friedman and Jeffrey Potter; critic and Pollock champion Clement Greenberg; Reuben Kadish, sculptor and boyhood friend; curator William Rubin; Elaine de Kooning; as well as Pollock's widow, artist Lee Krasner, and his mistress, Ruth Kligman, who survived the fatal crash that killed Pollock.

Curator's Comments: Manages to keep the focus on Pollock the artist, while also covering his tumultuous personal life. Shows numerous examples of Pollock's major canvases. The interviews, for the most part, are pertinent and contribute to a better understanding of this complex and troubled artist who was in control of his technique but whose personal life veered out of control. William Rubin pays tribute to Lee Krasner's brilliant handling of Pollock's estate, which contributed to the increase in the recognition and value of the work all the Abstract Expressionists.

DATE: 1987

COUNTRY: Great Britain

Producer/Director: Kim Evans
Producing Agency: London Weekend Television South Bank Show; RM Arts
Editor/Presenter: Melvyn Bragg
Film Editor: Jonathan Cooke
Consultant: Jeffrey Potter

55 minutes Color

Painting-Abstract Expressionist

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