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Sadly, the Library Media Project, which began in 1988, will be closing our office doors on the last day of April 2007, after over 18 years assisting U.S. librarians with their media collection development on a wide range of important subjects.

Our mission has been "to foster the public discourse that is central to our American democracy one library at a time".

Thomas Jefferson observed that "Information is the currency of democracy". It was an honor to contribute to these thousands and thousands of "information banks" – our country’s libraries - for the past 18 years.

It was our good fortune to work with the amazing librarians who vigilantly keep the doors to free information open and accessible for so many Americans.

We will never forget the crucial role of the public, school and academic libraries are to the very heart of our democracy.

We have been honored to have worked with so many remarkable, innovative and thoughtful librarians. They are, and always will be, our heroes.


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MacArthur Video
Curated Collections

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Library Video Project created the first public library, low-cost, high-quality video projects. They were the multiyear, multifaceted MacArthur Video Classics program and The MacArthur Library, a selection of videos from Independent filmmakers.

As part of our "GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SALE" , a few remaining videos from the MacArthur Video Classics and The MacArthur Library collection are still available from our warehouse at a minimal cost, and are now available to school and academic libraries, as well as to public libraries.

In December 1998, our funding from the MacArthur Foundation ended. We continued our work in the field of media collection development as The Library Media Project until 2007. For more information on our name change, please take a look at our announcement page.

MacArthur Video Classics video information
Select a whole series or replace a missing tape from such series as "The Story of English", "Great Performances", "Life on Earth", "The American Short Story Series" and "American Playhouse".
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MacArthur Video Classics and
the MacArthur Library DVD information

Although no longer available through the Library Media Project, there are six MacArthur Library titles that are currently available on DVD.
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The MacArthur Library video information
Choose from 22 remaining award-winning VHS documentary videos such as "Amazonia", "Best Boy", "Atomic Cafe", "Hearts and Minds", and "The Right Whale".
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The MacArthur Library Video Titles

The Health Program
Points in Space
The Regard of Flight (no longer available)
The Right Whale
Sam Maloof: Woodworker

The Program on Peace and International Cooperation
The Day After Trinity
Atomic Cafe
Hearts and Minds

The World Environment and Resources Program
Amazonia: A Celebration of Life
Costa Rica: Paradise Reclaimed
The Garden of Eden
Powerful Medicine
Serving Time

Special Grants Program in Community Development
You Got to Move
Metropolitan Avenue
Squatters: The Other Philadelphia Story
Four Voices


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As an occasional fundraising endeavor, we will be auctioning off interesting and unique items on eBay which have been donated to the Library Media Project. Drop in often to see what's available and happy bidding!

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